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    Helen Tang

    Sales Representative

    Keller Williams Integrity Realty, Brokerage

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      Matthew House: Your Furniture Donation Could Change Lives   |  ​​​​​​​Watch Video



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      Welcome to Helen Tang's Website!

      买房卖房,请找 Helen Tang!

      Helen Tang  是专业地产经纪,热忱服务,有耐心,熟悉市场,定位准确!

      Helen Tang Real Estate Team provides full service for listing, Buying, Investing and Property management!

      What's NEW?

      1. JUST BOUGHT: 706 Gabriola Way, Kanata
      2. JUST LISTED: 43 Claudet Cres, Ottawa
      3. JUST RENTED: 693 Vivera Pl, Stittsville
      4. JUST SOLD: 672 Hastings Ave, Ottawa
      5. JUST BOUGHT: 3590 Rivergate Way #401, Ottawa
      6. EXCLUSIVE: 10 Cheltonia Way, Ottawa
      7. EXCLUSIVE: 597 Winterset Rd, Ottawa
      8. JUST LISTED: 72 Golflinks Dr, Ottawa
      9. JUST LISTED: 112 Panisset Ave, Ottawa
      10. JUST LISTED: 18 Eramosa Cres, Ottawa
      11. JUST RENTED: 25 Billingham Cres, Ottawa
      12. JUST SOLD: 99 Insmill Cres, Ottawa
      13. JUST SOLD: 3482 River Run #B, Ottawa
      14. JUST BOUGHT: 2 Hillview Rd, Ottawa
      15. JUST LISTED: 208 Bandelier Way, Ottawa
      16. JUST SOLD: 196 Tapadero Ave, Ottawa
      17. JUST SOLD149 Sai Cres, Ottawa
      18. JUST SOLD: 10 Balding Cres, Ottawa
      19. JUST LISTED: 741 Meadowridge Cir, Ottawa
      20. JUST SOLD: 1722 Maple Grove Rd, Stittsville
      21. JUST LISTED: 960 Teron Rd #702, Kanata
      22. JUST BOUGHT: 706 Gabriola Way, Kanata
      23. JUST LISTED: 349 Rouncey Rd, Stittsville
      24. JUST LISTED: 956 Merivale Rd, Ottawa
      25. JUST LISTED: 854 March Rd #1, Kanata
      26. JUST LISTED: 25 Gray Cres, Ottawa
      27.  JUST LISTED: 184 Gray Cres, Ottawa
      28. JUST LISTED: 581 Highland Ave, Ottawa

      About Ottawa

      Ottawa City Council approves major expansion of city's suburbs, 400,000 more residents by 2046 in Ottawa!

      渥太华是加拿大最适宜居住的城市(Money Sense Magazine 2018)!

      Ottawa: Canada's Best Place to live (MoneySense Magazine 2018)!
      The 2018 census had the city's population surpassed 1Million!! and the metropolitan population as 1,236,324. This is an increase of 8.8% from the 2018 census (Statistics Canada).
      About Me

      Real Estate has always been my passion. I truly enjoy assisting my clients in achieving their housing & investment goals. I am a mother of two, an active contributor to the local community, and an engineer by training (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, 2005) .  Being a resident of Ottawa (Kanata) for 20+ years, I have extensive knowledge about the neighborhood. With 20+ years of work experience in Scientific and Engineering fields, I have developed superb analytical and problem-solving skills with great attention to details. I take great pride in providing my clients with excellent personalized service catered to each unique situation. I believe honesty and dedication is the key to success in real estate and word of mouth is the best advertisement!

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      Areas of Expertise:

      Residential - Seller/Buyer Client Representation; Detailed Comparable Market Analysis;
      Investment - Seller/Buyer Client Representation; Detailed Cash Flow and Return on Investment Analysis;
      Service in both English and Chinese.


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