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Mission Statement 

Our objective is to create an excellent real estate experience for each and every client by putting their interests first and serving with honesty, transparency, and expertise. 

Dr. Helen Tang's Extensive Network
With a strong background in Science and Engineering, Helen embodies innovation, system and professionalism. Helen's unique networking approach sets her apart at the top of the residential market. Through her work with Ottawa's government & high tech communities and her active participation and commitment to extensive community affairs, Helen has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of life in Ottawa. She lists properties throughout Ottawa and is knowledgeable about the values and lifestyles of Ottawa.

In addition, through KW Luxury Exclusive Network, Helen  is connected to the top luxury real estate agents from around the world.  KW Luxury represents properties from $1M+. Helen Earned KW Luxury Agent Status in 2019.

Team Approach 

Our team believes in a communicative approach throughout the process of buying or selling. We believe that the first thing is to fully understand the real estate needs and wants of our clients. A great example is that our team takes the extra time to give weekly updates on a client's listed property, show our clients our social media statistics (how many people have viewed the ad on their property) and give a summary of the amount of leads/offers, which really keep our clients updated on the market conditions and empower them to make informed decisions with our knowledge,  expertise and dedication. 

Our team makes sure to include the client every step of the way and communicate clearly what the next steps are in the buying/selling process. We understand that selling/buying a home is a big decision which can have a great impact on their lives. We try our best to accommodate their needs and wants! 

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or investing, the Helen Tang Real Estate Team will make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Our team will always be looking out for your best interests!

How we work 

1. We seek to communicate clearly with all of our clients. As a team, we are completely transparent with our clients about the buying/selling process. We believe that constant communication is the key to a successful working relationship. We are always within reach, whether it be day, night, or weekend. You will never wait too long for a callback. 

2. We are committed to creating the best real estate experience for our clients! We make sure to take care of all the little details that come with the process of buying or selling to make the whole experience stress-free! 

3. As a team, we put our clients first! We strive to deliver results and aim to exceed expectations in everything we accomplish. ​​​​​​​

Below is a short intro of each team member and how to contact them:

Helen Tang, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO,  HT Real Estate Team

Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE)

Double Platinum Award Winner 
Top 1% in Ottawa in both Volume and units sold


Wechat: HelenTangOttawa

Dr. Helen Tang received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from Carleton University in 2005. From 1999 to 2020, she worked in several R&D organizations in Canada and USA including being the Senior Scientist & Portfolio Manager at the Department of National Defence, researcher at the Communications Research Center Canada, Alcatel-Lucent and Mentor Graphics-USA. She received numerous awards and published 100+ research papers in top journals and conferences. She is also an adjunct professor at the School of Information Technology of Carleton University, where she is the supervisor of many graduate students.

After 20+ years working in Scientific and Engineering fields, she decided to pursue her passion in helping people build wealth through real estate. She founded HT Real Estate Team in 2020 and achieved great successes: helped 200+ families with their real estate transactions each year, ranked top 1% in Ottawa in both volume and units sold, and in the top 5 team in KW Canada in units sold. 

Helen is a very driven individual with strength in connecting people for a better world. She is  a mother of two and an active contributor & leader in the local community, Throughout her volunteering work, she has held many leadership positions including: mentor and manager of the Ottawa office for which is a global community that supports Women's Growth in both entrepreneurship and professional career development. Helen was awarded the "Outstanding Community Contribution Award" by Senator Victor Oh at the Museum of History on Jan. 28, 2023, and the prestigious "Immigrant Entrepreneur Award" by the City of Ottawa in Nov. 2023.

Helen Tang 博士是世界上最大的房产公司Keller Williams的金牌专业地产经纪,【唐博地产】团队创始人。在OTTAWA工作生活20多年,2005年Carleton大学计算机工程博士毕业,从事科研及管理工作多年,具有严谨的工作态度和高超的数据分析能力;性格开朗大方,为人热情坦诚,钟爱地产行业,拥有十余年的房产投资和买卖实操经验,业务范围包括房屋买卖,投资,租赁,物业管理等,十分熟悉本地房产市场和城市规划,热心社区公益事业,为顾客提供诚信和专业的服务!买房卖房,就找【唐博地产】!

Helen has been featured in the March 2023 issue of the Top Agent Article: Click Here to read the article

Keynote speech “Forge Your Path” by Dr. Helen Tang at the International Women's Day on Parliament Hill 2023: Click here to watch 

女仕界访谈Helen Tang: “激情,是我前行的动力”,从资深计算机科学家到金牌地产经纪 ——一个舍得折腾的斜杠青年 - 知乎 (

Haleh Majidian, B.Sc.

REALTOR ® Broker​​​​​​​


Hello, my name is Haleh Majidian. I am a realtor and real estate broker. My background is science. I have a Bachelor degree in Biology from Carleton University. I also studied accounting a few yeas ago. Within all my field of studies I LOVE real estate the Best! I am passionate about my work because I LOVE what I do and have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best! I am also ambitious and driven and an excellent communicator. I provide exceptional real estate service and make sure you are confident with your decision. It will be a great pleasure to assist you when purchasing your dream home, selling your home, investment or even rental. Rest assured I understand your needs and wants and will do my best to make sure you achieve them


大家好,我是 Haleh Mijidian, 注册房地产经纪人。我拥有Carleton大学生物学学士学位,几年前又进修了会计。在我所有的研究领域中,我最钟情于房地产!

我对房地产经纪的工作充满热情,因为我热爱这个工 作,并且有源源不断的内动力驱使我做到最好!我雄心勃勃,充满进取心,并且是一名出色的沟通者。我提供卓越的房地产服 务,并确保您对自己的决定充满信心。当您购买梦想的房屋、出售房屋、投资房产或者租赁房屋时,我非常高兴能为您效劳。我了解您的需求和要求,并将尽我所能确保您达成您的目标!

Jamileh Pourlotfali, B.A.



Hello, my name is Jamileh Pourlotfali. I am a real estate agent with many years of experience in sales and customer service. Having a bachelor’s degree in English Teaching and passing a few courses in business are my supportive background. Running my own business in Ottawa has enriched my skill of advocating on behalf of my clients. Being with people and working with them is always my passion. That is the reason why I have chosen the real estate field as my job. I intend to achieve the best possible outcome while delivering exceptional client service to you. As a real estate professional, I work very hard to get you the best in buying your dream home, selling your valuable property, and investing in property within the least amount of time and stress. Honesty and loyalty to my clientele are my priority. Meanwhile my skills in marketing, communication, and negotiation are my forte. My ability to speak English, Persian and Turkish is always appreciated by my clients in Ottawa’s culturally rich communities.



Tao Peng, MBA



Hello, I’m Tao Peng, a Real Estate Agent fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I was a Mechanical Engineer in National Heavy Machinery Group; a HR in World Leading Technology Company; a Business Co-Founder developed our own brand that successfully operates retail chain stores and manufactory in Canada for over 10 years. I have a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a MBA degree with certificate of HRM. My love for Real Estate began with investing residential properties in Canada years ago, and I have substantial experiences on real estate investment. I understand that each individual has unique needs for real estate, and I am expert on matching you with your ideal property. I strongly believe that my social, analytical, negotiation skills and problem solution skills will be of great value to your real estate investment. I strive to provide you with the most trustworthy and generous service and hope to exceed your expectations at every step of your real estate transactions. I understand that your “Home�? is much more than just a place to live; it is where dreams begin, where memories are made, and it is certainly one of the most important investments in your life!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

您好,我是彭陶,注册房地产经纪,精通英语、国语和粤语。我曾经在国家级重型机械集团任机械工程师,在世界顶尖的高科技公司从事人力资源管理。 十几年前在加拿大联合创建了自己的品牌,成功经营着连锁零售店业务和生产工厂。我拥有机械工程本科和工商 管理硕士文凭,还获得人力资源管理证书。我对房地产的热爱来自在加拿大多年投资商住房地产的丰富经验。我非常理解每个人都有自己独特的地产需求,并擅长通过沟通分析为您找到理想的家园,和为您的家找到最佳的未来主人。我拥有优异的谈判技巧与解决问题的能力,为您提供的地产销售服务更具 价值。我知道“家”不仅是您居住的空间,更是您梦想的开始,记忆的源泉,也一定是您人生 中最重要的投资之一!为您提供最值得信赖和优质的服务是我的承诺,您在房地产交易的每个环节一定能感受到我与团队合作提供的服务超越您的预期!

Zyaire Zhang, MBA



Hello everyone! My name is Zyaire Zhang, a real estate agent fluent in Mandarin and English. I have a master's degree in business administration from Carleton University and completed the Ontario mortgage agent course. My experience in real estate investments and customer service inspired my passion for real estate. My enthusiasm for helping others and knowledge in real estate and mortgage help me connect with clients and provide them with the one-stop-shop service possible.

"Your milestone decisions matter" is my slogan. I understand how important a home is: it's a place that provides us with a centering—a place from which we leave each morning and to which we return each evening. I strive to provide you with honest and professional service, to help you make informed decisions.



“在您需要做出重要决定时为您提供最优质的服务”是我的座右铭。我理解家对于我们每一个人的含义:它是我们生活的中心——一个我们每天早上要离开但晚上都要返回的地方。我将竭诚为您提供真诚和专业的服务, 助您做出更好的选择。

Jing Fang Song, B.Sc.



Hello, I'm Jing Fang. I graduated from Tianjin Medical University in China and became a nurse in Canada. Real estate has always been my passion, it led me to become a realtor and I was fortunate enough to join the Helen Tang Real Estate team. Eighteen years of nursing experience makes me become an honest and considerate professional, and also gives me great time-management ability, excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It will definitely help me to provide exceptional client service and become an outstanding realtor. I believe in client-focused approach and teamwork.

大家好, 我是宋景芳, 毕业于中囯天津医科大学, 移民加拿大以后成为 了一名护士。由于对房地产的热爱,我考取了房产经纪牌照,并且非常荣 幸地加入了唐博地产团队。18年的护士工作使我养成了诚实、细心、专 业负责, 优秀的时间管理,沟通协调和快速解决问题的能力。这些能力 也将帮助我为客户提供杰出的服务,成为一名优秀的地产经纪。我相信 客户至上和团队合作。

Shiny Huang, B.Sc.



Hello everyone, I am Shiny Huang, graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Economics, a REALTORS fluent in Mandarin and English. I have many years of sales and client relationship experiences in financial institutions. Since moving to Ottawa in 2017, my personal real estate investment and transaction experiences have helped me step into the real estate professional field. Now I am very honored to be a member of HT Real Estate Team. I am enthusiastic, cheerful, like to help others and share experience, I have been committed to helping new immigrant families, re-located groups, and first-time home buyers to understand the Ottawa market. I also have in-depth knowledge of large estate lot properties in rural areas. 

No matter what real estate needs you have, whether to buy, sell or invest, call me, I am always here to help.

大家好,我是渥太华专业地产经纪-黄烁。2012年毕业于曼尼托巴大学,获得经济学学士学位。毕业后一直在银行从事有关金融和客户服务方面的工作。2017年移居到渥太华,非常看好渥太华的房地产市场,并成功考取了经纪人牌照,有多年地产投资和买卖的实际经验,现在又十分荣幸能够成为【唐博地产】的一员。我待人热情,性格开朗,喜欢帮助他人,分享经验,善于分析数据,做事认真,持之以恒,入行以来一直致力于帮助新移民家庭,留学生,以及首次购房者                                                                                     更全面的了解渥太华市场,对于郊区大地块的房子也有较深的见解。团队的支持是我最强的后盾,客户的信任,是对我最大的肯定。新年我将更加尽心尽力,不负所托,使命必达!


Wilcy Halog, B.Sc.

Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Wilcy Halog. I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting. I worked as a revenue officer in the Philippines. In Qatar, I worked as a secretary supporting two general managers before being transferred to the accounting department. With the experience of gradually taking on responsibilities in office work, I have become competent, reliable, and able to manage multiple responsibilities and provide a high level of administrative help and support. Often commended for being resourceful as I don't want to settle for less. Now that I am a part of the Helen Tang Real Estate Team, I am eager to learn and grow more as we give you, our valued clients, the most honest and the best possible service we can provide.

你好,我的名字是威尔西哈洛格。我拥有会计学士学位。我在菲律宾担任税务官。在卡塔尔,我担任秘书,支持两位总经理,然后被调到会计部门。随着在办公室工作中逐渐承担责任的经验,我变得能干、可靠,能够管理多项职责,并提供高水平的行政帮助和支持。经常因机智而受到称赞,因为我不想满足于更少。现在我是 Helen Tang 房地产团队的一员,我渴望学习和成长,因为我们为您,我们尊贵的客户,我们可以提供的最诚实和最好的服务。

Jamaica Molina, B.Sc.

Executive Assistant

Hi, my name is Jamaica Molina. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I have a strong background in customer service and teaching. Patience, integrity and being resourceful are just some of the values I learned from my past jobs and I know that I can apply them as part of Helen Tang Real Estate Team. I love talking to people and customer satisfaction is my utmost priority. I’m excited for the opportunity to be part of this team, as I know other passionate people like me and learn new things from them.

嗨,我的名字是牙买加莫利纳。我毕业于酒店和餐厅管理学士学位。我在客户服务和教学方面有很强的背景。耐心、正直和足智多谋只是我从过去的工作中学到的一些价值观,我知道我可以作为 Helen Tang 房地产团队的一员来应用它们。我喜欢与人交谈,客户满意度是我的首要任务。我很高兴有机会成为这个团队的一员,因为我认识其他像我一样充满激情的人,并从他们身上学到新东西。


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