Mission Statement 

Our objective is to create an excellent real estate experience for each and every client by putting their interests first and serving with honesty, transparency, and expertise. 

How we work 

1. We seek to communicate clearly with all of our clients. As a team, we are completely transparent with our clients about the buying/selling process. We believe that constant communication is the key to a successful working relationship. We are always within reach, whether it be day, night, or weekend. You will never wait too long for a callback. 

2. We are committed to creating the best real estate experience for our clients! We make sure to take care of all the little details that come with the process of buying or selling to make the whole experience stress-free! 

3. As a team, we put our clients first! We strive to deliver results and aim to exceed expectations in everything we accomplish. 

Team Approach 

Our team believes in a communicative approach throughout the process of buying or selling. We believe that the first thing is to fully understand the real estate needs and wants of our clients. A great example is that our team takes the extra time to give weekly updates on a client's listed property, show our clients our social media statistics (how many people have viewed the ad on their property) and give a summary of the amount of leads/offers, which really keep our clients updated on the market conditions and empower them to make informed decisions with our knowledge,  expertise and dedication. 

Our team makes sure to include the client every step of the way and communicate clearly what the next steps are in the buying/selling process. We understand that selling/buying a home is a big decision which can have a great impact on their lives. We try our best to accommodate their needs and wants! 

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or investing, the Helen Tang Real Estate Team will make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Our team will always be looking out for your best interests! 

Below is a short intro of each team member and how to contact them:

Helen Tang, Ph.D.

Team Lead, Award winning REALTOR ®, Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE)



Wechat: HelenTangOttawa

Real Estate has always been my passion. I truly enjoy assisting my clients in achieving their housing & investment goals. I am a mother of two, an active contributor to the local community, and an engineer by training (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, 2005). Being a resident of Ottawa (Kanata) for 20+ years, I have extensive knowledge about the neighborhood. With 20+ years of work experience in Scientific and Engineering fields, I have developed superb analytical and problem-solving skills with great attention to details. I take great pride in providing my clients with excellent personalized service catered to each unique situation. I believe honesty and dedication is the key to success in real estate and word of mouth is the best advertisement!

Helen Tang 博士是世界上最大的房产公司Keller Williams的金牌专业地产经纪,【唐博地产】团队创始人。在OTTAWA工作生活20多年,2005年Carleton大学计算机工程博士毕业,从事科研及管理工作多年,具有严谨的工作态度和高超的数据分析能力;性格开朗大方,为人热情坦诚,钟爱地产行业,拥有十余年的房产投资和买卖实操经验,业务范围包括房屋买卖,投资,租赁,物业管理等,十分熟悉本地房产市场和城市规划,热心社区公益事业,为顾客提供诚信和专业的服务!买房卖房,就找【唐博地产】!

Haleh Majidian

 REALTOR ® Broker


Hello, my name is Haleh Majidian. I am a realtor and real estate broker. My background is science. I have a Bachelor degree in

Biology from Carleton University. I also studied accounting a few yeas ago. Within all my field of studies I LOVE real estate the Best! I am passionate about my work because I  LOVE what I do and have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best! I am also ambitious and driven and an excellent communicator. I provide exceptional real estate service and make sure you are confident with your decision. It will be a great pleasure to assist you when purchasing your dream home, selling your home, investment or even rental. Rest assured I understand your needs and wants and will do my best to make sure you achieve them all!

大家好,我是 Haleh Mijidian.我是房地产经纪人. 我的背景是科学。我拥有Carleton大学的生物学学士学位。几年前,我还研究了会计。在我的有研究领域中,我都钟情于房地产!我对自己的工作充满热情,因为我喜欢自己的工 作,并且源源不断的动力驱使我尽力而为!我也雄心勃勃,有进取心,是一个出色的沟通者。我提供卓越的房地产服 务,并确保您对自己的决定充满信心。当您购买梦想中的房屋,出售房屋,投资甚至租房时,很高兴能为您提供帮 助。放心,我了解您的需求和要求,并将尽我所能确保您实现所有要求!

Haiyun Wang




Hello everyone! I am Haiyun, a graduate from Beijing Normal University! I worked as a public school teacher, education company manager, and insurance agent. I have now officially become a real estate agent in the Helen Tang Real Estate Team! Although my profession has changed, the original intent remains unchanged. Be serious, meticulous, professional and thoughtful, and hope to provide warm and satisfactory service to every guest! Thank you for your support!
大家好!我是海云,北京师范大学毕业!从事过公立学校老师、教育公司管理和保险代理人。现正式成为【唐博地产】 团队一名地产经纪!专业改变,初心不改。做事认真、细致,专业周到,希望能够给每一位客人提供热情满意的服务!

 Wilcy Halog 


  Administrative Assistant


Hello, my name is Wilcy Halog. I have over 10yrs of progressively responsible experience in Accounting & Administrative roles  before becoming a full-time mom of two. I am dependable, flexible, and a self-starter with the ability to multi-task. I am often commended for quick thinking and resourcefulness as I don't want to settle for less. I believe that everyone deserves the best.  Now that I am a part of the Helen Tang Real Estate Team, I am eager to learn more and to share my expertise as well as to  give you, our valued clients, the most honest and best possible service we can provide. I Look forward to working with you!

 大家好,我是Wilcy Halog。在成为两个全职母亲之前,我在会计和行政管理方面拥有超过10年的逐步负责的经验。我是可靠,灵活的人,并且 能够胜任多种任务。我经常因思维敏捷和机智而备受赞誉,因为我不想为此付出更多。我相信每个人都应该得到最好的。现在,我已经成为【唐博地产】 团队的一员,我渴望学习更多并分享我的专业知识,并为您,我们尊贵的客户提供我们所能提供的最诚实,最好的服务。我期待着与您合作!

 May Zeng


 Marketing Assistant 



Hello! My name is May and I’m a marketing assistant for Helen Tang Real Estate Team. I am currently studying E-Supply Chain

Management at Algonquin College. I’m excited to be a part of Helen Tang Real Estate Team as each member is very passionate

about their job. I hope that by working with this team I gain valuable knowledge and experience.

 大家好!我是May,我是【唐博地产】 团队的市场助理,目前在亚岗昆学院攻读电子供应链管理专业。我很荣幸成为团队的一员,并且怀着饱满     的热情去对待我的工作,希望从中获取更多宝贵的经验。各位请多多指教!