The housing market in May 2021

Check out what happened in the Ottawa housing market for the month of May 2021! 🏠

"Although Ontario was in a lockdown in both May 2020 and May 2021, the impact they had on Ottawa’s resale market was quite different - with this year’s number of transactions being well over the five-year average. Undoubtedly, enhanced safety measures and vaccine adoption rates have enabled potential Buyers and Sellers to feel more protected and comfortable in their home buying and selling process,” states Ottawa Real Estate Board President, Debra Wright.

The housing market in April 2021

The picture attached shows the tremendous growth in the housing market!

"The percentage increases over 2020 figures are vastly skewed due to the first State of Emergency last spring, which had initially slowed down the real estate market. Thus, the 155 to 166 percent increases in unit sales are simply not valid results. We recorded 2,026 sales in April 2019 and 2,024 in April 2018. These figures provide a more reasonable comparison, which is a 19% increase in overall sales compared to those pre-pandemic years." states Ottawa Real Estate Board President Debra Wright.

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 April 2021 Toronto Market Report

 The report shows the enormous jump in number of sales and average selling price from 2019 to 2020